Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ~ 11.04.11

this pretty colored pencil display... via felissimo :: as seen on more design please

 this market cart wrapping paper station... via two shades of pink

this diy pixel art (inspired by a photograph)... via wit & whistle :: as seen on design crush

these kix cereal corn-on-the-cobs via one charming party for parents magazine

this cool subway art dresser via lindauer designs

This week has officially wiped me out!  On the positive side, Smarty Pants starred in his first school play (He was Linus in "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving") and has been finally sleeping through the night without waking us up (at 5 1/2, it's about time!).  However, he passed on the "sleep-issue" torch to Happy Vee who has been refusing to go to bed without huge, bombastic tantrums (the kind that rattle the windows).   That along with the typical 3 year old defiance (every sentence starts with "No!") and... and... and...  I'm just plain exhausted!  This too shall pass, right?  

Have a terrific weekend!