Friday, November 25, 2011

[Make] Poinsettias

I love poinsettias and think they are an elegant addition to holiday decor.  I'm  currently working on a couple of poinsettia-inspired projects-- one using felt and the other satin ribbon.  But before I get into all the fine details, I thought it'd be good to break it up and share the poinsettia tutorial first.

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Poinsettia Tutorial

supplies needed:
  • material to make the flowers (I used double-sided satin ribbon and wool felt)
  • cardboard or material to make your petal template (I used stiff craft felt)
  • scissors
  • needle & thread (I used translucent thread)

make a petal template

fold your material in thirds and cut out your petals 

pinch the petal in the middle

fold the petal in half

stitch the petal in the center. place the stitches as close to the top of the petals as possible.  this will give the flower a neat & symmetrical look.  knot it off and repeat with the 2nd & 3rd set of petals.  before cutting the thread, run a stitch through the back of the petals to ensure that the center of the flower will hold together. arrange the petals to your liking then knot off & cut the thread.

for the satin ribbon... if you have problems with fraying, you can either apply a fray stop-type product or melt the edges of the ribbon over a candle.  if you go with the candle method, keep the ribbon at LEAST 1 inch away from the flame to ensure that it doesn't burn or discolor.  

felt poinsettias

satin ribbon poinsettia

I'll be sharing the finished Poinsettia projects soon!

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