Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Make] Modern Nutcrackers

Although I grew up loving the Nutcracker ballet, I've never been too enamored with the Nutcracker itself... something to do with the flowing white locks and scary not so happy expression.  However, last year when I saw this modern version of the nutcracker at West Elm, I was smitten.

I wasn't smitten with the $69 price tag though, so I decided to make it a future DIY project.  After waiting for the after-Christmas sales, I picked up these guys on deep, deep discount at Joanns (so deep that I had to glue some of their body parts back on... that's deep!).

So they've been sitting around for a while and are ready for a make-over!

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Modern Nutcracker Tutorial

supplies needed:
cheap wood nutcracker(s),  preferably with the hair starting to fall off
**for reference, mine are 2 feet tall
white primer
white spray paint
goo-be-gone (optional)

the boys... ready for their day at Le Salon de Nutcrakier 
(pronounced with a bad French accent... or German... your choice)

After removing their regalia, the boys had a soothing depilatory treatment...

After the initial plucking treatment, they had an aromatherapy soak in goo-be-gone followed by...
An invigorating sandpaper shave.  Ooh-la-la!  Tres chic!

Last, but not least, they were in for a treat with several rounds of spray-on 
"not so tan".

I overlooked the fact that my nutcrackers have instruments... I may eventually paint them silver, but so far the all-white works for me.

BTW... If you aren't up for hosting a nutcracker spa day, west elm is carrying the modern nutcrackers again this year.

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