Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello Birthday

Today is my birthday-- YayI'm actually pretty low key and have never been comfortable declaring ownership of the day, but as I get older there is definitely more appreciation for each passing year. Growing older is not popular in our society and we do all kinds of crazy things to prevent the inevitable, but I think it takes age and a little wisdom to truly appreciate life.  Money and material goods are nice, but it certainly doesn't bring anyone genuine happiness or lasting contentment.  So today I'm going to kick back, bask in my "agedness" and enjoy the simple things that sometimes get overlooked-- my children laughing and enjoying each others' company, good health, a close-knit family, caring friends... The stuff that really matters.

I don't often buy jewelry for myself, but I've been ogling these beautiful hand-sculpted copper rings for a while.  I have hard to fit fingers so when this beauty showed up in my size, it felt like kismet.

Hands are so telling, aren't they?  I'm constantly washing mine and need to be better about applying that hand cream.  :)

We have a busy weekend ahead so The Mister and I are heading out to a nice dinner tonight. It's a surprise, but I'm sure good food and wine will be involved.  My stomach is rumbling in anticipation.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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