Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Upcycle] Refreshed Fall Leaves

I have a couple of orange-leaved garlands that haven't come out to play for several years. I'm not a big fan of faux bright orange leaves so I decided to "refresh" them with some metallic paints-- copper and rust.

Here's what the leaves looked like before...

Click  "Read more" to see the final project

Upcycle an Old Garland

what you need:
old, unloved silk leaf garland
metallic acrylic paints; I used copper and rust in the Martha Stewart brand
sponge brush; I cut mine in 3rds
branches (optional)

Remove the leaves from the garland...

And lightly sponge paint on both sides.

I painted both the green and orange leaves in metallic copper and rust to give a variety of subtle color.  Return the leaves to the garland or use them for another project.

I decided to use my painted leaves for this centerpiece of Fall branches--

 do the branches look familiar?  for halloween, they were covered in bats

So don't throw out that old, unloved garland... it can be updated! A new look without having to spend too much money-- just the cost of acrylic paint.  I like that!

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