Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Make] Muslin Ornament

This Muslin Ornament is a simple and inexpensive way to upcycle an old, unwanted ornament.  I love the fluffy, deconstructed look and, since I have a ton of old ornaments to upcycle, I plan on covering my tree with a bunch of these.

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Large, Fluffy Muslin Ornament

materials needed:
old ornament or a cheap one
1/8 yard muslin
hot glue gun

1. old ornament ready to be upcycled
2. cut muslin into 3-inch squares* for a large 6-inch diameter ornament.  for a smaller ornament, cut 1.5 or 2 inch squares.
3. fold square in half at an angle...
4. then pinch in half into a point.
5. using hot glue gun, glue down the point.  start at the top of the ornament...
6. and work your way down until the ornament is covered.

*At 6-inches in diameter, this guy is pretty large.  If you want a smaller ornament, use smaller squares.

I think this may be my favorite ornament so far.

More Holiday Projects Coming Soon!