Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Make] Paper Flower Pin Ornament

Look familiar? I've used this technique before, but for pretty floral Easter Eggs.  This time around I thought I'd make an eye-catching ornament. I decided to use the colors of my Christmas decorations-- silver, white & natural brown, but any combination of colors would be lovely.  I love the outcome, but since this is a time consuming project, next time I'll definitely be making some smaller ornaments!

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How to Make a Paper Flower Pin Ornament

What you need:
styrofoam sphere- mine is 4 inches in diameter; tip: for a quicker project, start with a smaller sphere
pearl head pins - I used one box of corsage pins
1 12-inch sheet glitter cardstock
1 grocery bag (or 1 12-inch sheet card stock in complementary color)

1. punch out the glitter paper and paper bag using your flower paper punch.
2. layer together a glitter flower and a brown bag flower
3. use a pin to secure flower to the styrofoam sphere. fluff up the petals.
4. keep layering and pinning, layering and pinning...  take a break... layering and pinning...
5. when you're at your last flower, add your ribbon. loop the ribbon and place the ends together in the last remaining space.
6. secure the ribbon with your last flower and pin.

More holiday projects coming up!