Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty Card & Thoughtful Gift

I had to share this pretty card that my dear friend Jen made for my birthday...

yes, the card coordinates with the wrapping paper and i love that little flower cabochon!

Jen and I have known each other for over 7 years and she has known the Mister since their college days at UCSB-- according to my hubby, she does an awesome "running man"!  :) We've shared a lot over the years-- We were pregnant at the same time and went to birthing classes together.  In fact our oldest kids were born a mere 3 days apart in the same hospital... She was walking the halls in labor when I was just about ready to check-out!  And our youngest kids are just a few months apart.  We went through all the baby stuff together-- Little Gym, Mommy & Me, as well as many, many play dates and visits to the park.  

Another thing we share is our love of crafts and handmade things!   It's always nice to be able to share "crafty" ideas that our other friends don't quite understand.  Why did you stay up so late?  You do what?  What's a blog?  I'm pretty sure that she's the only person that I know in real life who knows what washi tape is. :)  I always look forward to receiving her beautiful hand-crafted cards. Having tried my hand at card-making back in the day, I know how much effort and creativity goes into each one.

Jen's also one of a handful of friends and family that reads my blog regularly. Remember when I was "complaining" about my parched and neglected hands?  

So THANK YOU Jen!  My hands are very happy now and that soap smells awesome! It was great seeing you and the girls this weekend.  Looking forward to our next get together!!

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