Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Make] Thankful Leaves

While most bloggers have moved on to Christmas, I just put up my very simple Thanksgiving decorations.  I like to make things, but actually putting together a pleasing to the eye vignette is not my strong suit.... which is why I usually don't decorate for each season. Some day I'll figure it out!  :)

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This is really of collection of several "upcycle" projects-- Everything from the sticks to the leaves on the mirror to the leaf runner.

a closer look at tom the turkey... i think he needs a pal for next year.

the "thankful" leaves that are attached to the mirror

 here's why they are called "thankful leaves".  subtle with a message.

I hope to continue these "Thankful Leaves" every year.  It'll be interesting to see what we are thankful for over the years. This year four year old Happy Vee is thankful for "chicken". Yes, he loves chicken. Really loves it. It must be soft, tasty and not battered. It's a valid thing to be thankful for-- What would this world be like without chicken?  :) Six year old Smarty Pants is thankful for learning how to read.  He said reading helps him learn a lot of things, including how to type.  He's learning typing at school (ah... I learned that when I was in high school!) and is trying to convince me that he is ready to use my computer.  :)

resources: turkey from homegoods circa summer 2012; upcycled brown bag leaves table runner tutorial; "thankful" leaves on mirror- upcycled orange, brown and green silk leaves sponge painted with "mother of pearl" paint; restyled sticks and upcycled painted leaves tutorial;  cabinet from costco circa 2005; mirror from pier 1 imports circa 2003  (i always get questions on the last two, so i thought i'd throw that in).

So are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I'm a little in denial... need to get the grocery store one last time!

Have a good one!

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