Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Restyle] Bottle Brush Wreaths

Hey look! The Christmas decorations are coming together.  :)

I decided to add some fun candy-colored decor to our kitchen windows. With some mini ornaments and a hot glue gun, I quickly restyled these bottle brush wreaths this morning. I bought the wreaths at JoAnns earlier this year after they went on Christmas Clearance in January. The bottle brush was good quality but a cosmetic tweak was definitely in order.

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Restyled Bottle Brush Wreaths

the plastic snowflakes and glued on ribbon bothered me, so I quickly cut them off.

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with the wreaths... That is, until I came across a fun tube of jewel-toned, mini ornaments in Target's dollar bins. Although shiny and glasslike, the ornaments are plastic.  Which is a good thing since my 4 year old is attracted to them and can't keep his hands off of them.  :)

i removed the larger silver ornaments and replaced them with the colorful ones.

I'm hoping to find something for my kitchen table that will coordinate with the wreaths.  Has Holiday anxiety hit you?  I feel like there's a ton of stuff that I need to do in just a few short weeks.  I guess I should buckle-down and get to it!

Have a good one!

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